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Scout & Conquer™

Power,Ambition and Prosperity

There once was a very powerful empire. The empire was so powerful that they could take anything they wanted with no resistance. Many years passed and eventually corruption possessed the hearts of the people. The empire finally crumbled leaving behind four rivaling kingdoms. These kingdoms now seek to command the others and build a new empire. They aim to conquer the other lands, build larger economies, and ultimately create a new empire. Which kingdom will come out on top to reunite the rest?
Choose your side and help your kingdom become the new ruling empire. 

A completely strategic game, your duty is to be the emperor trying to conquer the other kingdoms. Create a short term economy and invade your enemies with your army. you just have to conquer the kingdom by entering an army inside the enemy castle.


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New Map

This map is for experts in Scout & Conquer, has better places of economy and more land that you can travel if you want. But remember to protect your kingdom before you spread your territory! May the best king be the emperor!

Scout & Conquer on Tabletop Simulator

Scout & Conquer on Tabletop Simulator in Steam

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Virtual Reality is Taking Over the Gaming Industry

Play Scout & Conquer in Virtual Reality. Tabletop Simulator gives you compatibility to the virtual world,try Scout & Conquer in VR today.

Scout & Conquer on Tabletop Simulator



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